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R.E.V.E.A.L. Education Development 


R.E.V.E.A.L. Education Development (R.E.D.) is the brainchild of Spiked Communications Owner Chata Spikes.  As a professor at her beloved alma mater,  Fort Valley Sate University, Spikes is always seeking to find innovative and creative methods of bringing "real-life" experiences to her classroom. When you enter a class taught by Spikes, you aren't simply entering a mere classroom--you're entering a functional newsroom, boardroom, production studio or planning session.  


What is R.E.V.E.A.L.?

Research Education Values Ethics Awareness Leadership


R.E.V.E.A.L. Educational Development Firm (R.E.D.),  provides college students with centralized professional education in the area of communication and media development.  The client demand for these services has been developed and maintained because of the organization’s keen expertise and reputation for offering hands-on development sessions designed to introduce and train students using the components of Research, Education, Values, Excellence, and Leadership.  University and College Institutions have a continued desire to patronize these services as a result of the growth and career development resource that the organizations provides and ensures. 


A major component of R.E.D. is R.E.V.E.A.L. PR Group,a public relations firm comprised of students.  


Experience and results cause students to thrive in both R.E.V.E.A.L. and in Spikes' classes.  

She has several students who have been able to live their dreams.  

Spikes is a fixer of sorts---fixing what's broken while enhancing what works.

 ~ Dr. Ann Lee, Fort Valley State University



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