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Spiked Communications, LLC believes that our job is to assist, train and develop our clients in the areas of communications/media relations, public speaking, presentation and image using traditional and non-traditional methods.

• Media Development

• Media Training

• Media Relations

• Crisis Communications

• Red Carpet/Press Conference    Management

• Voiceovers

• Speechwriting

• Public Relations Strategies

• Communications Project         Consultanting 

• Publicist/Image Consultanting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Spiked Communications?

Spiked Communications is a premiere communications consulting firm specializing media and communications development, training and presentation.  We provide interactive training and development sessions for individual, small and large settings.  We believe that communications is an art because it is a powerful component of human interaction. Effective communication can provide structure to chaos, express emotions, and deliver a message to the masses. Spiked Communications is prepared to deliver extraordinary service with exceptional results.


Does Spiked Communications provide media development and training for business leaders?

Yes, Spiked Communications works with a variety of clients ranging from students to business leaders and civic/community organizations. We customize our services to meet your needs.


Does Spiked Communications provide media development and training for churches and non-profit organizations?

Yes, Spiked Communications works with a variety of clients ranging from students to business leaders and organizations.  We customize our services to meet your needs.  We offer leadership development and training sessions.



Does Spiked Communications provide crisis communications services?

Yes, Spiked Communications provides crisis communications consulting and training.  We are aware that situations arise that may warrant media attention.  We are also aware that most people, organizations and business are not prepared to face the media cameras, social media claims and water-cooler discussions; however, Spiked Communications is ready to the face and voice for you and/or your organization during a crisis--no matter how big or small.  We are also prepared to train you and your staff to handle all types of situations that may arise.


Does Spiked Communications teach public speaking?

Yes, Spiked Communications provides group and one-on-one public speaking development and training sessions/classes.  


Is Chata Spikes available for public/motivational speaking engagements?

Yes, Chata Spikes is available for publilc/motivational speaking engagments. She has spoken at a variety of events/locations to include: churches, schools, organizations, fraternities/sororities, conferences and workshops.


She is also the owner of R.E.V.E.A.L. an educational development company that utilizes communications and media to teach students (ages 16-23) various skills based on Research, Education, Values, Excellence, Awareness and Leadership.  She is also the Founder of I'M REAL, a motivational/mentoring program that strives to motivate, captivate and inspire people of all ages, races, and gender.  


Interactive Workshops

  • The Five 'S' Philosophy - Self-Image, Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness, Scholarship & Self Assistance = Success!

  • 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

  • Dress for Success Not Sex!

  • Treasure Hunt--Finding Money for College

  • So, You're Graduating--Now What!

  • Rock the Dress, Don't Let it Rock You!

  • Social Media--What To Do and What Not To Do!

  • Creative Promotions



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