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Parents, did you know that there are scholarships available for you?

Find out the types of scholarships that are available for you by signing up for the Finding Free Money for College with Chata Spikes session!

To sign up, email me at The session will take place on Saturday, November 6th at 12 noon CST. Please note that this is a free opportunity and that the event will take place on a private Zoom meeting so you must register in order to be a part of the event. The deadline to register is Thursday, November 4th at 5 pm CST.

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Ladies, don't miss the virtual women’s empowerment conference today at 10 am CST to learn how God has built you to be physically fit, have great health, be a supermom, handle your business, and have a relationship with Him!

At the conference, you will hear from Fitness Instructor of The Faith and Fitness Foundation Joanna Ward, Nutritional Neuroscientist Dr. Larissa Jane, Mom/ Owner of Unforgettable Moments Allyson Kay, CEO of Spiked Communications LLC and Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories Chata Spikes, and Executive Pastor of Membership Care of The House of Hope Atlanta Jennifer Carner!

Watch the virtual women's empowerment conference on our church Facebook page,Bham Bible Church formerly known as The Church Of The Way International, our Youtube page (bhambc), our Twitter pages (Jamesmason1), and (TCOWIorg), our Instagram page (bhambc), and through our MySunday app page.













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